Eye of newt and toe of frog...
Your company may have all the right ingredients for growth. But itís the knowledge of how to make them work that sets a company apart from the rest. We can help you find the formula for success.


Is it magic, or is it science?

At Novocent, itís a little of both.

We are power and precision, alchemy and analysis, reason and revolution. And we're ready to perform our magic for your company. Click to learn how.

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Strategic marketing consulting.

We serve as a consultative partner, focusing on bottom-line results, through strategic vision and creative focus.

Advertising design and development.

Our creative team develops print, electronic and broadcast advertising designed to achieve maximum impact with minimal expense, so you can do more with less.

Direct response marketing.

Novocent understands the science of direct response. Our DR campaigns have generated well in excess of $100 million in revenue for our clients, and our response processing has saved our clients thousands of man-hours.

Website design.

We believe that effective websites provide customers with a way to immerse themselves in a brand Ė to experience it, to interact with it, and to communicate with it. Our interactive strategies dovetail with that belief.

Brand identity.

Rebranding and turnaround situations are our favorite marketing challenges, because they represent the greatest opportunities in American business. We help our clients redefine strategic positions, reframe corporate objectives, reinvent brand attributes, and recover from difficult times.

Integrated marketing communications.

From initial brand development to delivering the annual report, and everything inbetween, Novocent helps build and maintain brands. We ensure that messages remain consistent, and brand identity remains strong.

Results measurement.

Our entire company is built around the concept of results. Results are the reason we all do marketing. Results are the satisfaction we derive from serving our clients. Measure and improve. Measure and improve. That's our mantra.